5 Ways to Care For Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

We all have that one piece of furniture that’s special to us. Maybe it’s a piece of quality rattan furniture that your father bought for your family home garden or a dining table that’s large enough to seat your entire family. It might be the furniture that sits at the center of your home or the old piece of plastic chairs you leave on the balcony for guests you haven’t seen in a long time. Whatever that piece is, you want to keep it in beautiful condition.

With regular care and attention, your wicker furniture can look its best and last for many years until you decide to give them away.

The term “wicker” refers to the technique of bending and weaving a material such as paper, rattan, bamboo, other grasses, or thin woods such as willow branches. While wicker furniture creates a timeless and inviting addition to your outdoor space, it can also range from modern to traditional styles. If you’ve invested in quality wicker outdoor furniture from us, like our Lugano and Santorini sofa, you’ll want to make sure your investment lasts for many years. They are hardwearing and will last for many years with a very basic level of maintenance. Properly cared for, wicker furniture can last up to 10 to 15 years even if synthetic wicker is more durable and easier to care for than natural wicker.

Wicker furniture is popular in pool areas, garden areas, corporate spaces, and patios. However, they can also be used indoors. Follow these smart tips below to ensure your SAF Furniture keeps looking its best.

1. Dust Your SAF Furniture

Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth or brush to dust the entire surface of the furniture. Frequent dusting helps protect the finish from unwanted grit and dirt build-up in the weaving. 

2. Clean Stains Immediately

You probably want to be super sure on how Wicker furniture lasts so long. It’s not magic, neither is it an energy-draining activity but cleaning your SAF furniture regularly can help it last for up to 10 years or more. If any liquid spills on the piece, or if it’s a food spill, clean it immediately with a damp cloth and avoid any form of a permanent stain. Do not try to rub away these stains because that will push the matter deeper into the woven fibers. If there are solid stains involved, use a spoon or dull knife to lift them away from the rattan.

3. Use a Cleaning Solution

Mix 4-5 cups of clean warm water and add liquid washing soap in a bucket or bowl. Agitate the water until fizz forms on the surface of the water. Use a damp cloth to clean your SAF furniture from top to bottom and frequently rinse in fresh water. Use a toothbrush to remove any build-up in the weaving, and never over-saturate your SAF furniture with water.

4. Use Cushions or Pillows

Another aspect of rattan furniture care that is often overlooked is the use of cushions. Cushions are not only fit for the user’s comfort but also to extend the chair’s life. Wallets, cell phones, keys, pens, or other objects carried in the pocket can press sharp angles into the woven surface and damage it. Cushions spread the pressure out evenly, and place much less stress on the material. Our outdoor cushions are also showerproof. So, if it does start raining, you don’t need to panic, although we do recommend bringing them inside, so they stay protected.

5. Protect Your SAF Furniture FeetNever overlook protecting your furniture’s feet. Make sure the feet are not dragged across concrete or pavers, and always to always keep them as clean as the rest of the piece. Now that you know the basic and viable techniques you need to maintain and significantly increase the lifespan of your SAF furniture and other wicker furniture, start your purchase journey here.

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