These are the 3 Wicker Furniture myths to avoid.

Rattan Furniture has long gained popularity in the modern-day furniture market – an endless favorite among garden owners for its functionality, durability, versatility, and weather-friendliness. This material has also been well-appreciated by homeowners all across the world.

Yet as popular and functional as it is, there are still a few gnawing myths about rattan furniture which have somehow stayed to date. Some of them are easier to debunk than others. 

Still, as popular as this type of furniture has become over the past few decades, some myths and misconceptions do still linger with regard to rattan garden furniture. For every homeowner who decides to acquire a rattan set for their garden, another passes on the opportunity due to misgivings or doubts brought about by hearsay or word-of-mouth. It might have been expected that, with the popularity of rattan garden furniture firmly on the rise, the majority of these misconceptions would have been done away with, but sadly, the opposite is the case; while not as widely spread or believed as before, certain myths about this type of item do prevail, and prevent it from becoming even more widespread than it already is. 

Keep reading as we tackle a few of the most easily disproven ones.

Myth 1: You’ll be stuck with one look/style

This myth is usually driven by people who reference rattan furniture as old, less aesthetically pleasing, and modern. While there is a surge for authenticity and unique pieces in homes, rattan furniture provides a cozy and safe haven for any space, especially in our homes. 

People also believe rattan furniture cannot be repurposed and reused as styles change. However, they are easy to repaint and can be recyclable for sustainable living.

Myth 2: Rattan Furniture is overly pricy

Another common misconception about rattan furniture is that they are expensive, and not worth the price. While people never see it as a luxury, it’s important to know that from the designs to the materials used, there’s usually a high level of quality attached to them that makes the prices worth it, especially the upper-end sets. 

Most importantly, customers on a budget need not worry about being able to afford rattan furniture as there are several options that fit their budget.

Asides from the prices and aesthetic appeal, they have been guaranteed to live up to over 10 years, as rattan furniture is well known for its sturdiness, durability, and quality build, which makes them good value for one’s money.

People who buy rattan home furniture know they are buying for the future; with possible exceptions of budget.

As mentioned earlier, it is highly unlikely that any rattan furniture will need to be replaced within a few years. Proof of this is that we offer a 2-Year Warranty on every piece of furniture we sell, which means that we’re comfortable with the quality of our furniture.

It’s important to note that buying rattan furniture at a super low cost means that they were obviously built with less sturdy fittings, and may necessitate replacing earlier than more heftily-priced sets. It is, therefore, easy to see how and why rattan garden furniture sets command the prices they do, and more importantly, how and why this money is by no means ill-spent.

Myth 3: Rattan Furniture is high maintenance

The statement that rattan garden furniture is prone to damage is true when talking about natural rattan, which can and will fray or crack if not cared for properly (and which has very little weather resistance). It only becomes a myth when it is applied to synthetic rattan; the most common and widespread type of rattan furniture on the market. Indeed, synthetic rattan is created using a polyethylene alloy, which is designed to make the material damage/weather-resistant. As synthetic rattan was created in order to address and correct some of the main problems associated with natural rattan garden furniture, there is no reason to assume that such defects will be present in the synthetic alternative. Owners of a synthetic rattan garden furniture set can therefore rest easy knowing any damage their furniture may incur from either the elements or lack of maintenance will be negligible.

We have only outlined a few of the still prevalent myths regarding rattan and specifically rattan garden furniture. Of course, there are others that could be addressed, but these are the most significant ones, and they are the ones that keep the majority of people from purchasing a rattan garden furniture set, so they are the ones that must be debunked first.

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